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Polycarbonate, polyester, polyethylene terephtalate, and polyimide are suitable films and foils for the laser.


Film and foils are commonly used to create speedometer displays, membrane keyboards, and operator panels.  Use of films and foils will accentuate the art and design process of etching patterns and graphics or cutting out laser pieces.


There is a true advantage to using a laser cutter over a cutting plotter to cut and etch film and foils.  The laser produces a finished design, contact free and with clean cut edges.  The laser produces intricate detail and precision unlike a cutting plotter. 


A flexible magnet is composed of a high-coercivity ferromagnetic compound (usually ferric oxide) mixed with a plastic binder.  The material is magnetized and laminated with vinyl or adhesive making powerful cylindrical permanent magnets.


Magnetic sheets are commonly used to create refrigerator magnets, name tags, automobile magnets, machinery labels, signage, and advertising.  The magnets can be used for home, school, and business use applications.


Magnetic sheets are flexible like rubber, lightweight and lay flat.  The flexibility in the product allows the magnetic to easily adhere to various types of services and applications.  The laser cuts magnetic sheets beautifully leaving an end result that has smooth, finished edges.


Make sure magnetic backing doesn’t consist of PVC


Paper is produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose derived from wood or grasses that are dried to create flexible sheets.  Wood is a renewable resource managed by timber companies, which will always be available for our use to enjoy.


Paper is know as a versatile material used in over 5,000 products daily.  Paper is widely used in laser cutting or etching products.  These products are used in schools, offices, medical and technical work, household items, crafts, packaging, sculptures, building and recreation products.  There is no limitation to creativity when using paper.


The advantage to using a laser cutter over a cutting plotter to cut and etch paper is that the laser creates a higher amount of detail and precision in the finished product.  When cutting or etching paper, sublimation takes place therefore leaving an end result with no residue or burnt edges.

The list below are frequent papers processed with a laser:

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