Value Statement

Benoit’s Design Co. offers laser cutting services to customers to fuel their inspiration. The idea behind this service is to provide an outlet for businesses and creative minds to broaden their knowledge as well as provide a higher quality affordable product. By building relationships and working together, we can bring life to products and achieve rewarding results.

Why We’re Different from Other Laser Companies

Benoit’s Design Co. is a high quality laser studio founded in 2014 by Greg Benoit.  Benoit’s Design Co. focuses on two areas of business: service and retail consumer goods.  Benoit’s Design Co.’s service business caters to businesses and artists looking to bring their ideas to life through laser cutting or engraving.  Our service business ranges from basic marking and cutting to fully assembled signage and other finished goods.  The Benoit’s Design Co. product line consists of home décor items geared towards people’s particular areas of interest or need.  Some of our popular products consist of laser engraved nautical charts, fun coaster designs, and etched glassware.  We design all of our artwork in-house to be laser cut, etched or engraved on a variety of 2D and 3D surfaces.  We can create high quality finished products from a variety of raw materials that are from America and more specifically from Maine.  This process allows our products to be unique because there are many areas one can customize on each piece.

The Mind Behind the Machine

Benoit’s Design Co.

was founded by Greg Benoit in 2014. Greg graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2011 with a degree in Industrial Design. His passion is to produce products that speak to who he is as a designer. He enjoys working with like-minded people to pursue their creative aspirations. Benoit’s Design Co. was derived from an old family business here in Maine, A.H. Benoit & Company. During Greg’s childhood, his grandfather told stories of the Benoit’s Clothing Store and how it was a staple in the Greater Portland community. The goal for Benoit’s Design Co. is to have a similar impact on local lives.


12 Rochester Street
Westbrook, Maine 04092
(207) 887-9609

Directions: Our shop is located off Main Street in Westbrook and is directly behind Pizza Time. We offer on and off street parking for your convenience. Please call us at (207) 887-9609 for more information.