Laser Cutting and Engraving

What is Laser Cutting and Engraving?

We operate CO2 lasers with a power range of 150 watts.  The CO2 laser technology uses a gas mix to create a reaction and produce a laser beam.  The beam then passes through a series of mirrors and lenses to vaporize the material. Depending on the beam focus, it can cut or engrave.   The laser is controlled by a two-axis router arm with a bed that lifts the materials up and down.  Our laser beds are 32″x18″. However, if you have a larger design in mind we can build it into sections to create a bigger project.  We also have the capabilities to engrave on cylindrical objects with our rotary tool and can engrave up to 8 inches in diameter. 



Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Cut Wood Signage Revision Energy
Laser Cut Wood Signage
for Revision Energy

Awards & Recognition

Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Cut and Engraved Wood and Acrylic Awards Maine Ad and Design
Laser Cut and Engraved Wood and Acrylic Awards
for Maine Ad + Design

Custom Projects

Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Cut and Engraved Wood Map Bangor Savings Bank CWS Architects
Laser Cut and Engraved Wood Map
for Bangor Savings Bank and CWS Architects




We are selective about the service projects we take on.  Please review our terms and guidelines before completing a service request form. Thank you!

  • All service projects have a minimum fee of $300 and required a 50% deposit before production.
  • Vector artwork is required in order to provide a quote and to proceed with production. Acceptable vector files are as follows: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .dxf, .svg, .cdr, .dwg. If you do not have vector artwork, we offer design consultation services for $120/hour.
  • Quotes and pricing are based directly on machine time, material cost, preparation, and finishing.
  • Projects are limited to the size of our laser bed which is 32” x 18”. Please contact us about construction options for projects larger than 32” x 18”.
  • We offer sourcing for materials with a fee of $90/hour for research and procurement.  If we have never worked with you before we recommend a prototype before running production to ensure your approval of the finished product. 
  • Please be as specific as possible about the details, quantity, material, budget, and timeline of your project in your initial inquiry. This is helpful in providing a fast and accurate quote.
  • We cannot cut metal, stone or glass nor machine materials containing PVC.


  • All artwork must be in RGB and draw in vector form. Everything that is black will be etched and the white will remain untouched by the laser.
  • Please send all artwork TO SCALE.
  • Any shapes or lines that need to be cut by the laser should be set to a hairline stroke (0.001pt) in #ff0000 red. Please account for at least 1/8” between cut shapes.
  • Join all cut lines, but do not expand them.
  • Make sure all fonts are expanded.
  • Any adjustments made by Benoit’s Design Co. will be subject to the design consultation fee.


We charge $120/hour for design consultation which we bill in 15 minute increments.
Production fees are based on machine time. Rates vary based on duration of production.
Our standard handling fee of $25 includes production set-up and machine calibration.


A prototype may be required to determine whether changes need to be made prior to the start of production. Our standard prototype fee is $150 for each round of testing.


Completion dates will be determined upon job acceptance. We are happy to ship orders via USPS, UPS, local courier services, or you may pick up during our normal business hours at 12 Rochester Street in Westbrook. Shipping charges apply.

SERVICE DISCLAIMER: Benoit’s Design Co. does not guarantee the outcome of service projects. We have spent many hours testing and perfecting the settings for our own products and material offerings. We will do our absolute best to execute your project as intended; however, we are unable to guarantee perfection with materials and designs that we are unfamiliar with.  To ensure the best outcome for your project we suggest a round of prototyping before proceeding with the final product.  Thank you for your understanding.


Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Engraved Sterling Rope Project
Intricate Engraving
Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Cut and Engraved Signage The Local Press
Benoit's Design Co. - Lase Engraved Acrylic Awards Holden Agency and EBS Benefits
Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Cut and Engraved Signage The Rooms
Precision Cutting
Benoit's Design Co. - Laser Etched Glassware
Benoit's Design Co. - Lase Engraved Leather L.L. Bean Bag Boston Baseball
Benoit's Design Co. - Rotary Laser Engraved Cowboy Yo Yo
Detailed Rotary Engraving
Benoit's Design Co. - Lase Engraved Powder Coated Metal Speaker Covers Terra Speakers
Benoit's Design Co. - Lase Cut Paper Invites Gus & Ruby