Breast Cancer Ribbon Ornament

$12.50 Prices Excluding taxes

  • Handmade and laser cut
  • Color: Hot Pink
  • Materials: birch wood and latex paint
  • Chocolate brown hemp twine for hanging
  • Made in Maine


The Breast Cancer Ribbon Ornament is one of our brand new holiday products.  Each ornament is a creation from birch wood and latex paint with a brown hemp twine for hanging.

Breast Cancer is unfortunately a disease that has affected many families, including ours, so we wanted to create something special.  This Breast Cancer Ribbon Ornament has “hope” written on it.  We want to spread this hope through every family with survivors, fighters, and fallen warriors.  We know the holidays can be especially tough so here is a reminder of those people in your life who have or are still fighting breast cancer.  A reminder to keep hoping for better treatments, more preventative measures, and a cure so generations to come won’t have to fight this fight.

With love from our studio in Westbrook, Maine.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in