Star of David Ornament

$12.50 Prices Excluding taxes

  • Handmade and laser cut
  • Materials: birch wood and latex paint
  • Chocolate brown hemp twine for hanging
  • Made in Maine



Our Star of David Ornament is a new addition to our holiday products.  Each ornament is a creation from birch wood and latex paint with brown hemp twine for hanging.

Many people known The Star of David as a symbol of Judaism known as the Shield of David.  Even though this symbol is not known as uniquely Jewish symbol this decor represents a celebration of Hanukkah.  We know religion is no longer simple; we now have blended families celebrating different combinations of religion.  In consideration of this fact we wanted to offer something for people who may not celebrate Christmas or other Christian holidays.

This piece can be on a holiday tree as well as hang anywhere in one’s home.  Also, these products may hold the title of ornament, but they are a great home decor gift for any celebration.  As you can see this decoration is available in Cobalt Blue, which is very similar to Royal Blue.

This Star of David Ornament is a beautiful gift for any celebration.  With love from our studio in Westbrook, Maine.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in