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Breast Cancer Ribbon For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Benoit's Design Breast Cancer Ribbon Ornament


Here we are once again in October.  Many of you are aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This year we have decided to do something special.  We have a brand new ornament for Breast Cancer Awareness.  As you see above, the ornament is a pink Breast Cancer Ribbon with an etching of hope inside one of the ribbon ends.  This is the message we wish to spread to all the fighters, survivors, and supporters of this disease.  Always have hope, stay strong, and look toward a positive future.

It takes a lot of hard work, research, and perseverance to ensure we can put an end to Breast Cancer.  Our family has a deep attachment to this cause as, like many families, we have a personal connection.  We work to raise money for The Maine Cancer Foundation each year and this year is no different.  We want our Breast Cancer Ribbon ornament to spread the message of hope as well as raise money.

Benoit’s Design is pleased to announce that 50% of the proceeds for each ribbon ornament sold during the month of October will go to The Maine Cancer Foundation.  This is a simple way to do your part so make sure to click the link in the image above so you can order yours today!





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